Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Mystery SKYPE session!!!

In connection with the ongoing unit of inquiry Explorations.

Grade 6 students  had a MYSTERY SKYPE session with a class .It was a lot of fun exploring and finding out the place using the clues provided by the students.Students  used maps ,time zones to find out about the country.

It was an exciting session as students learned different ways to find out the information and build on their questioning skills.

The place was CZECH REPUBLIC 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians,
         A very warm welcome to the new academic year of 2014-2015. I hope you all had a refreshing summer break and your children are just as eager to start the academic session as much as we are.  We will learn about the world around us. We will talk about problem-solving and working together. Exploring science, math, social studies, literacy, reading, writing, creative art, music, movement and much more will fill our busy days.
      We at AKAH harness a student’s curiosity with planned and resourceful facilitation. Through their learning journey, the students are taken through field trips, interact with guest speakers, research about their topic of study and at the end analyse and reflect on their own individual learning. Assessments are primarily aimed to locate the child’s position in the learning metre and eventually to fine-tune short term goals. We request your encouragement and supervision when your child needs to use the internet for their research or conduct interviews at home.

       Personal hygiene and appropriate attire goes a long way in improving one’s self-organisation, so please send your child in neat and labelled uniform as mentioned in the diary. The school provides for most of the stationery to each student, however, we would expect students to get their own geometry-box, pens and folders to carry worksheets/reading books to school. We request your cooperation to help the students value school property and use school stationery judiciously.

     We believe that parent involvement benefits a student’s academic achievement, increases motivation for learning and develops a positive attitude about homework. Homework is not meant to keep the student occupied with tasks for long hours, but would include reading, research, reinforcement of concepts dealt in the class, preparing for assessments  and also completion of incomplete work.

    We solicit your participation in your child’s learning journey at all times. Feel free to mail us at and, for any query or concern that you may have. You may also use the school diary to communicate with us. Kindly fill in the “Personal Information” in the school diary and sign parent notes that are sent as and when needed.
You are also welcome to participate, interact and share in the learning journey of your child in more than one way.

 Looking forward to a fruitful and a productive year ahead.

Warm regards,

Arpita Trivedi and Mubeen Safura
Form Tutors, Grade 6

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